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Chemistree is a swiftly growing organization focused on providing latest technology related to Hi-tech state of the art Machines, Instrumentation & Equipment and environmentally friendly Chemicals. We intensely believe in Customer satisfaction and provide quality product & services to our customer in order to gain their trust and make long term and successful relationship. Additionally, we share a Market-Based Management philosophy that motivates and encourages all employees to challenge the status quo and creating sustainable products and services that customers value more highly while consuming fewer resources. Our network is spread across 3 continents serving our clients in Manufacturing, Process industries and other Industrial Services. Our Management team comprises of talented and hardworking professional having a diverse experience and a clear vision thereby creating long term value.


Chemistree , is a specialist provider of state of the art machines, equipment and chemicals used in the fields of Research, Education, Quality, Manufacturing, and related fields of microbiological and chemical testing.
As per customer requirements we are importing and fabricating customized solutions 24/7, Repairing works of Glass wares and calibration of instruments with certificates.
Chemistree has been providing services to pharmaceutical, textile and food companies as well as in education and government sectors and in all the general laboratories where scientific equipment are required. Chemistree is a recognized distributor of these equipment and aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by supplying quality-products.


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  • Address:  16-c First Shahbaz Commercial lane Phase VI DHA Karachi.
  • Contact Number:   +92-333-3016494 | +92-2136361491
  • Email: info@chemistree.org